‘Anonymous’ writes:

You only show the front of the checks. I suspect that many of these checks were never handed over. Also, the child support is supposed to be $25,000 a month. It is clear even according to these checks that nothing even remotely close was being provided!

Our response:

The point which you seemingly misunderstand is that the checks documented were not part of the child support. The child support of $25,000 per month, which gave Mrs. Ort $525,000 between 7/5/01 and 3/03 when the joint account was thereby depleted, were all issued from the bank directly to Mrs. Ort. I am displaying (again) the court order that Mrs. Ort herself withdraw the $25,000 every month from Smith-Barney, and the statement from Smith-Barney showing that that account had a balance of $668,512.34 at the outset of the case. (Note the matching acct. numbers in the judge’s order and the statement.)


The checks you are referring to are not child support but represent money given voluntarily to Mrs. Ort from Rav Avrohom in addition to the $316,210.52 (itemized on the spreadsheet on this website as source #1) which he gave her during the fourteen months of “reconciliation”. These checks were accepted as evidence by the arbitration panel and were documented by then in their final ruling, as they were not contested by Mrs. Ort. If you wish to doubt their veracity now, that is your prerogative. At any rate, those checks represent less than 10% of the total money R’ Avrohom gave Mrs. Ort in the hope of “reconciliation”. The other 90% is documented by the panel, as displayed.

– A Pushita Yid

Anonymous writes:

The last check was in 2001. that was close to nine years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are you trying to prove? You big fat liar!!

Our response:

The information furnished for your previous comment should suffice for this one too. If you still find it unclear, I suggest you ask your parents or someone a little older.