I Spoke To Mrs. Steinberg…

CK writes:

Message: I spoke to Mrs. Steinberg and she claims that Mrs. Ort suffered greatly in her marriage, and her ex husband is smart and manipulative so this is her only defense going to arko’yos akum, because the  bais din will side with her husband because he is a talmid chochom and knows how  to twist things to his favor. So I don’t think I can take sides on this issue and support Rabbi Ort, because I don’t really know what is going on.

Our Response:

Basically you are presenting three points:

1)      That you spoke to Mrs. Steinberg

2)      That Mrs. Steinberg justifies Mrs. Ort’s going to Arko’yos akum by saying that Rav Avrohom is smart, manipulative and a talmid chochom, so the bais din will side with him.

3)      You cannot support Rabbi Ort, because you don’t know what is going on.

On the last point we could not agree with you more. We too do not support Rabbi Ort, because we too feel that we do not know what is going on. This position has been clearly posted has been clearly posted on page 1 of this website since its inception. That is precisely the reason why this matter belongs in a Bais Din, as mandated in Shulchan Aruch. Only, and we repeat: only a Bais Din that has heard all the claims from both sides, and seen all the proofs that both parties present in each other’s presence, and carefully and impartially evaluates them, can “really know what is going on” and issue a psak accordingly. That’s why this website is needed: to help make that happen.

Your second point really needs no response, because it obviously is pure conjecture to which the other side will claim the opposite: R’ Avrohom is known as an honest person, and Mrs. Ort went to Arkoyos only because she knew that no Bais Din would give her the entire estate of over 4 ½ million dollars which undisputedly he inherited from his parents. Both are mere claims; a Bais Din focuses on proofs. That’s why it is the only fair and honest forum. That’s why all of the gedolim have signed statements to that effect. Thus far, Mrs. Ort is the party that refuses to go there.

We must admit however, that we are amused by the comment that you ascribe to Mrs. Steinberg. Is she saying that R’ Avrohom is so smart and such a talmid chochom that he can outsmart any Bais Din in the world? Can not Mrs. Ort find even one talmid chochom in the whole world to be her Borer at a Din Torah, who is as smart as R’ Avrohom and can show everyone “the Truth”? If that is Mrs. Steinberg’s opinion of R’ Avrohom, although it does not affect the issue, we find it quite flattering.

The only point we find disturbing in your comment is the first. You say you spoke to Mrs. Steinberg. This leaves us mystified. Mrs. Steinberg was Mrs. Ort’s best friend from first grade through post H.S. Also Mrs. Steinberg has made her name well-known by having spent the last ten years telling anyone who would listen how Rav Avrohom left his former wife “struggling to put bread on the table”, ”utilities being shut off” etc., etc. This needs no documentation, for we don’t believe that she left anyone in Lakewood who heard the name Ort that she did not solicit, to spin her tales of deprivation and poverty. Now that the truth has become common knowledge through the documentation and she has become somewhat of a laughingstock, she has had to switch to intangibles such as Rav Avrohom being “rough on the kids”, “Mrs. Ort suffering” and so on. Mrs. Steinberg has been described by people who know her as “someone who enjoys a good fight”.

This is where we do not understand you. So many renowned Rabbonim, Gedolei Yisroel shlita that have no previous connection to either party have issued their statements that this belongs in a Bais Din. The Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva shlita have looked into it from all sides, and even offered to take time from their busy schedules to sit down and discuss the issues with Mrs. Ort (she refused).

None of these people were worthwhile to you to speak to??

You couldn’t find anyone better that Mrs. Steinberg??

We are mystified. If you can enlighten us, you are invited to do so.

– A Pushita Yid