I’m Not Taking Sides…

Neutral Minded says:

I cannot take sides as I didn’t hear from Mrs. Ort’s side. I did speak to her friend, Mrs. S. who says that the case is not as it seems, and Rabbi Ort was very hard on his wife and kids and she had to get divorced for her sake and her children’s and that he still has plenty of money. Now I don’t know if this is true or not, but, I can’t take sides.

Our response:

Firstly, we commend your opening sentence. If only more people would realize how mistaken it is to formulate an opinion without hearing both sides, this website would not have been necessary.

However, if you have spoken to her friend Mrs. S., you have heard everything that Mrs. Ort would have to say, plus more.

Secondly, we are happy to hear that Mrs. S. said to you that the case is not as it seems, i.e. she acknowledges that the case does not seem well for her friend as per the documentation. We have invited her to present any documentation to contradict ours, or to support her claim that he has money. Thus far she has not responded.

As to her claim that Rav Avrohom was “hard on his wife and kids”, it is always a wise policy when you have been proven wrong on tangible claims which can be documented, to move over to those claims which by nature are difficult, if not impossible, to document.

Rav Avrohom points out that is common knowledge that for twenty years he and the children had a close, warm relationship which was observed by the many people who had reason to frequent their home. This includes people of the caliber of Rav Aharon Boxer shlit”a and Rav Avrohom Lichtenstein shlit”a, renowned mechanchim in Lakewood. Naturally, after over ten years of being indoctrinated that their father left them and their mother “struggling to put bread on the table”, it’s quite understandable that they have accepted and will repeat that and many other false impressions too.

When, B’ezras Hashem, this entire matter is brought to Bais Din, hopefully these misconceptions can be addressed too.

Incidentally, we admit to being baffled as to what Mrs S. meant to “farenfer” with that comment anyway. Is it her opinion that in a case of someone who does have “plenty money” or is “hard on his kids”, it is therefore permissible to go to arka’os shel akum and steal his inheritance of over 5 million dollars?

– A Pushita Yid

Anon responds:

Do you have reshus to have this website and all this information backed by any Rav??? I can’t believe this website was permitted by any Rav. Whoever you are, “true friends of the Orts”, this is pure Lashan Haro, motzi shem rah and really no one’s business. Let the two parties deal with this on their own!!!

And to send these cards erev Rosh Hashana??

Our response:

Thank you for taking the time to respond. You seem to basically have three issues to address:

1) This is irrelevant loshon hora.

2) The two parties should deal with it on their own.

3) Timing; notices arrive right before Rosh Hashona.

We could not agree with you more on the second point. The two parties definitely should deal with this on their own. The forum which the Torah mandates for doing that is Bais Din (see Chumash Shmos 21:1 and Rashi ibid., “Lifnayhem”) and Mrs. Ort thus far has refused to deal with them.

Your second point needs some clarification. If, you as you seem to assume, our presentation does not accurately portray the situation and therefore constitutes irrelevant loshon hora, please explain on what basis you assume it to be inaccurate. If however, as believe we have documented, there truly was a gross injustice perpetrated against Rav Avrohom and his children, then that is everyone’s business to know so that they can try to help rectify it, as the Torah says: “Lo ta’amod al dam rayecho”.

And what better time for such a vital mitzvah than erev Rosh Hashona?!

– Pushita Yid


You are basically saying ‘Let Mrs. Ort kill Rabbi Ort and let’s just not interfere, but just mind our own business’. A sach seichel. I am horrified at the casual approach people take as long as they are safe!!

Our response:

We appreciate your strong expression of support. Just to keep things in proper perspective, remember that there is another side of the coin. The construction of this website, the mass mailings, and the many phone calls involved were the concerted effort of dozens of individuals who volunteered their time and efforts l’shem shomayim: to help a fellow Yid whom they saw needed help.

Also, remember the many Gedolei Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshivos shlita who took time from their overburdened schedules to thoroughly investigate the issues before signing and issuing letters for R’ Avrohom – especially the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva who even went down to the courthouse to voice their conviction that this matter belongs in Bais Din. So when you feel frustrated by the callousness of some individuals, remember the Chesed of many more.

Also, don’t be sure that the people saying “don’t interfere” don’t really care. They may just be the same people who all these years were saying “interfere for poor Mrs. Ort, left penniless”. Now, with that myth exploded, they have no choice but to retreat one step and say “Well, don’t interfere”. A prime example is Mrs. S., who allegedly told everyone in Lakewood about her “penniless friend” and recently had to resort to excuses such as “Well, he’s got plenty money too”. (See previous comment.)

thanks, Pushita