Kids On Their Mother’s Side

Shloimy Klugman writes:

Lots of information, obviously very complicated.

I know some of the children though, and I have one question: why are all the children seemingly happy with their mother, and say they don’t want to have anything to do with their father?

Doesn’t that say something?

Our Response:

In order to correctly address your comment, we must focus separately on the two separate aspects of the Orts’ situation which you present.

The first is the financial, which you seemingly assess based on our presentation. Your conclusion is that is it “very complicated”.

The second is the personal, which you assess based on your knowing of the children’s negative attitude toward their father. Your conclusion (clearly implied by your closing statement: “Doesn’t that say something”) is that there must be something wrong with the father.

Your first conclusion is definitely incorrect. Webster’s Dictionary (’93) defines “complicated” as “difficult to understand”. Our presentation is lengthy, because we encompassed all aspects of the case. It is detailed, because we gave full documentation to prove its veracity. But it all points toward one clear, inescapable conclusion: Mrs. Ort acquired R’ Avrohom’s entire inheritance of millions of dollars. That is not complicated.

The second aspect you present deserves the conclusion you assigned to the first. Human emotions are extremely complicated and almost impossible to fathom (Yirmiyahu 17:9). To take a superficial glance at a situation and assume the most simple cause to be the correct one is about as accurate as a doctor who, whenever he hears that someone has a headache, makes no further investigation and assumes that the person must have walked into a lamppost.

It is our fervent hope that when this matter reaches its just conclusion in a Bais Din, they will also take steps to heal the rift which has tragically (but typically) arisen between the children and their father. But just for the record, knowledgeable sources inform us that when R’ Avrohom himself was forced to move out of the house, the reactions of some of the children ranged from little ones walking around crying “when is Totty coming home”, to an older one running away from home in protest, and similar reactions in between. Yet now, after having had no contact with him in the interim, only with their mother, they mysteriously changed their attitude and “don’t want to have anything to do with their father”.

Doesn’t that say something?

– A Pushita Yid