Money Never Got To Mrs. Ort!

Shmerel writes:

Is it true that the monies that are gotten for the children’s real estate never get to Mrs Ort bec. those monies are distributed by Ort’s brother?

Our Response:

Phillip Ort, R Avrohom’s brother and the manager of the real estate which the court made Mrs. Ort the custodian on, is under court order to send all their income to Mrs. Ort.

As an illustration of that happening and an idea of what the income receivable from that is, here is a check deposited by Mrs. Ort last month: check

Notice the message on back of check that this brings all payments due to the children up-to-date.

Because this check represents settling some back payments, it is for a larger amount than the usual monthly check. But it does portray just how “starving” the “poor” children are.