Shteibel Writes:

I think I saw recently 1 or 2 siruvs against Mrs. Ort. Does that have anything to do with this?

Our response:

A number of people have inquired of us concerning this matter. Allow us to clarify.

No, this siruv on Mrs. Ort is not a result of any action by Rav Avrohom, nor was it issued by the Baltimore Bais Din, the Bais Din which Rav Avrohom, (and in other cases Mrs. Ort), have consulted.

We have inquired of knowledgeable sources, and from what we are told, it seems that there was a property which Rav Avrohom was a partial owner of. His interest in that property was legally and Halachically acquired by an individual towards satisfying debt that Rav Avrohom had to him because he had loaned Rav Avrohom money for support over the many years of litigation when his assets were frozen. When Mrs. Ort was later awarded all Rav Avrohom’s assets and she attempted to take over this property among them, she discovered that it was no longer his.

She promptly opened a new lawsuit in arka’os in NY to obtain that asset, claiming that it was all a “conspiracy” against her. This individual responded as a ben Torah is wont to respond, by sending her a hazmono to Din Torah by the Bais Yosef Bais Din in Brooklyn. Mrs. Ort responded as she is wont to, by ignoring the hazmonos. The Bais Din responded by issuing a siruv.

This is a correct overview of the situation as we heard from people who claim to know. Naturally we cannot personally vouch for it in every detail as none of us, nor Rav Avrohom, have any firsthand knowledge.