This Site Manipulates The Truth

Someone writes:

It is obvious that this is a website that only manipulates the truth. It is far from being what it claims to be: ‘the whole truth’.

Why not include all the court papers so that we can see why they ruled against Mr Ort? We can then form an opinion on our own!!

Our response:

All the “court papers” as to “why they ruled against Mrs. Ort” are on display on this website. Even so, we will briefly summarize with documentation: The vast majority of the assets, all undisputedly having originated by R’ Avrohom’s family, were put in the children’s name. Mrs. Ort acquired control of all those assets by being appointed sole custodian. No written explanation for this appointment was given anywhere in the ruling, simply because it is standard legal practice that the parent with physical custody be custodian, for obvious reasons. (Rav Avrohom, in the best interests of his children, never sought PHYSICAL custody; he has joint LEGAL custody.) Their joint account, with an opening balance of $668,512.34 all went to Mrs. Ort through voluntary payments from Rav Avrohom during “reconciliation” and court-ordered child support. The fact that Rav Avrohom was left with zero by their ruling is summarized in the summary and Schedule II.

We did not post the rest of the ruling (over 120 pages) because it consists mainly of legal precedents and statutes of the civil code, which are supposed to be irrelevant to people who profess to live by (l’havdil) the Shulchan Aruch. If you are interested in learning more about the laws and statutes of the state of NJ, a trip to the archives at the Ocean County Courthouse at 118 Washington St. in Tom’s River will give you the opportunity to learn all about them, in R’ Avrohom’s case and many others.

Incidentally, you claim that “it is obvious that this website only manipulates the truth”. Can you give an example?

– Pushita