How Sad!

A fellow Jew writes:

So terrible a yid has to be forced to flee! If all of these documents are true, what’s going on? It doesn’t make sense how could this be?!

Our response:

We appreciate your sympathy for the situation. Yes it is terrible, and Yes, it doesn’t make sense. What does Mrs. Ort gain from forcing R’ Avrohom into golus for almost two years now, and forcibly removing the children’s father from their lives?

But all this does not affect the veracity of all the documentation which consists of court orders and rulings (which are also available for inspection at the Ocean County Courthouse and on the Internet). We hope that with more and more people being exposed to the facts, Mrs. Ort, whose actions we believe are more a product of bad advice than bad will, also will come around and do what is best for her and the whole family.