All the documentation presented here is to verify the facts presented in the spreadsheet, and other sources of income tapped by Mrs. Ort., to demonstrate that Mrs. Ort has indeed acquired millions of dollars in liquid assets, aside from the value of the real estate Rav Avrohom inherited from his parents. Meanwhile, he is left penniless and forced to stay abroad as a result of the court order mandating that he go to work to meet his child support obligations. (Assets gifted to children do not relieve the legal obligation of child support).

But the purpose of this information is not to blame anyone in a personal sense. ln any divorce the emotions run high, the pain is great, and people are driven to act in a way that they themselves would never have contemplated under normal circumstances. Chazal have taught: a person is not indicted for what he does when under duress (Bava Basra l6b).What is important is not to “point the finger” regarding past events, but rather to attempt a healing for the future. Rav Avrohom has repeatedly stated his willingness to either adjudicate the matter in front of the Bais Din which the Roshei Yeshiva have selected for their integrity, or to work out a settlement which would generously provide for Mrs. Ort and the children, while returning to him the rest of his rightful inheritance.At present, the family reputation is understandably being tarnished by the documentation of the history of this sad case. Mrs. Ort‘s steadfast refusal to adhere to the psak of the Gedolei haRabonim that the matter must be resolved in a Bais Din, obviously does not help her cause either. And most tragically, the children who have been estranged from their father are unable to deal with the conflicting stories and facts to which they are exposed.

Please, if you truly wish to partake in this mitzva to try bring peace to the entire family, if you truly wish to help to bring an end to bitterness and recriminations once and for all, then try:

  • To speak to Mrs. Ort as a friend, as a sympathizer, and explain to her how everyone will gain by laying this matter to rest once and for all. Her phone number is: (732) 367-80ll
  • To speak to Mrs. Steinberg. She is a close friend, who, due to her activities in this matter hitherto, wields much influence. Prevail on her to help Mrs. Ort in a positive way by seeking to settle all issues, so that the healing can begin. Her phone number is: (732) 363-6330
  • Mrs. Ort has two relatives whose counsel have played a fundamental role throughout the tragic history of this case. R. Ira Adler of Mosey NY (whose role in the transfer of the $600,000 has been documented above) and R. Efryim Dovid Gruskin, formerly Rosh Yeshiva Gedola of Perth Amboy. Explain to them that their counsel would be a tremendous positive influence were they to help Mrs. Ort see how the family reputation can still be salvaged by agreeing to settle the matter al pi halacha and daas torah, as befits a family of torah’dike roots. R. Adlers phone number is: (845) 425-5706. R. Gruskins phone number is: (732) 826-7788.
  • The Roshei Yeshiva shlit”a have been doing their utmost to bring the entire matter to an impartial Bais Din  that will be empowered to settle all issues and enforce their ruling. Despite their overburdened schedules, they have tried to speak to Mrs. Ort, they have spoken to some of the children, and even taken the time to go to the courthouse to make clear their position; Rav Avrohom is entitled to be heard by a Bais Din shel yisroel. Contact them. Thank them for their time and untiring efforts. Ask them what you can do to alleviate this chillul has/rem, and settle this for good, al pi Toraseinu hakdosha, in the Ir haTorah.

Thank you, A Pushita Yid