Monies Mrs. Ort received from Rabbi Ort


It has been alleged that Mrs. Ort has been left absolutely penniless and therefore was forced to turn to the court system rather than go to a Beis Din.

The facts are that Mrs. Ort has received $342,000 in the last fourteen months before R’ Avraham left home. This figure did not include court-ordered child-support of $25,000 a month. This is all documented on this site.

Mrs. Ort also acknowledged in her deposition that in January 2000, she took $350,000 from the bank account of her mother-in-law, Mrs. Ort senior, (who had passed away in November 1999) and wired it to another account belonging to Mrs. Ort Sr. in Israel, containing $250,000. She then gave the entire amount, $600,000, to her cousin R’ Ira Adler, who resides at 12 Wallenberg Circle, Monsey NY. She asserts that she instructed him to disburse the $600,000 to “a yeshiva” (unnamed!).


Now here is the point; This was at her most financially “desperate” time, when she was so penniless that she could not go to Beis Din!!

Overview of monies:

Here is an overview of monies received by Mrs. Ort from Rabbi Ort.Monies Received by Mrs. Ort From Rabbi Ort 2000-2010Total amount received by Mrs. Ort: $11,175,850

(In words: Eleven million, one hundred and seventy five thousand, eight hundred and fifty dollars!)

The one new item on the list is the co-op in Manhattan that the court has forced R’ Avraham Ort to give to Mrs. Ort.
Below is the actual deed, awarding Mrs. Ort the property, courtesy of Seward Park Housing Corp.

Mrs. Ort has now gone ahead and sold the co-op: it’s exact price: $445,308.52 (see pg. More monies 2010-2018 for exact numbers)