Rabbi and Mrs. Steinberg

Since Mrs. Manya Ort went to Arkaos Shel Akum in February 2000, you have been justifying her actions by claiming that she was left “penniless” and “starving.” Your husband, Rabbi Yisroel Steinberg, testified in July 2002 that he even arranged a “chesed loan” for her from the gma”ch of Cong. Zichron Shneur, of which he was president. (deposition below)

Mrs. Steinberg: Perhaps you can say that you were unaware that Mrs. Ort really had close to a million dollars In cash. Perhaps you were also unaware of the over 5 million dollars which Mrs. Ort subsequently acquired through Arkaos (documented on this website).

But now you do know.

You also do know that all the Gedolei HaDor in Eretz Yisroel have signed the attached letter “to bring the dispute to a Din Torah in Bais Din only,” and that similar letters have been issued by the American Gedolei HaDor, including Harabbanim HaGeonim Rav Dovid Feinstein, Rav Moshe Heinemann, Rav Nota Greenblatt, Rav Yaakov Hopfer shlit”a and Rav Tuvia Goldstein zt”l.

You also do know that the Rosh Yeshiva Harav Malkiel Kotler shlit”a issued a letter to the judge stating in part, “l also feel that this entire dispute could and should be resolved in a bais din, and I have let Mrs. Ort know that l feel this way”, and that the Roshei Yeshiva, Harav Dovid Shustal and Harav Yisroel Neuman shlit”a took from their precious time to appear in the Ocean County courthouse, to make clear their position that this matter belongs in Bais Din only.

Mrs. Steinberg: These are all  Gedolei HaDor whose Das Torah is relied upon by all of Klal Yisroel. These are our own Roshei Yeshiva in Lakewood, and the documents cannot be denied.

Will you now admit your mistake and call on Mrs. Ort to come to a beis din?

If yes – send your statement to emesvshalom.com. We will post it for all to see.

If not – isn’t that your admission that you were never unaware at all?


On Feb 10, 2012, after the above letter was sent to the Steinbergs, Mrs. Steinberg called the police to arrest a man who was holding a sign publicizing Rabbi Ort’s position:

which was entirely legal:

Prompting an open letter to R. and Mrs. Steinberg shlit”a:

lt is now over two months since you were reminded of the clear documentation, including the wire transfer order in Mrs. Ort’s handwriting, of the approximately one million dollars that Mrs. Ort accumulated from R‘ Avrohom’s estate even before she went to Arkaos.

It is over a month since you were reminded that R. Steinberg loaned her $3,000 from the G‘mach of K’hal Zichron Schneur, of which he was then president, as he testified in his deposition: “she said she needed $3,000 and… l wrote out the check” (see below).

We acknowledged that perhaps you erred then, and we invited you to rectify your mistake  by acknowledging the facts and calling on Mrs. Ort to come to Din Torah, as per the psak of the Gedolei HaDor. But it seems that, far from rectifying your mistake, you still strive to perpetuate it.

When someone was making these documents available to the tzibbur you called the police and tried to have him arrested!

R. and Mrs. Steinberg: why are you so intent that the tzibbur not be allowed to know the facts?

If our Roshei Yeshiva in Lakewood felt this situation so imperative as to warrant their going down to the Ocean County courthouse as a statement that this matter belongs in Bais Din, why should you cover up for Mrs. Ort who is not coming to Bais Din, by calling the police?

ls it not a chilul Hashem to call the police on someone for the “crime” of informing the public of a psak of the Gedolei HaDor in the Ir HaTorah?

R. and Mrs. Steinberg, we repeat: If you have any facts to support your position, send them to EmesVshalom.com. We will post them.

If not, call on Mrs. Ort to listen to the Gedolim and come to a Din Torah. You will be doing her and yourself the greatest favor.


An open letter to R. and Mrs. Yisroel Steinberg shlit”a

It is a number of weeks since you were confronted with the documentation regarding Mrs. Manya Ort and the over five million dollars she obtained through arkaos shel akum. You were reminded then how that documentation negates the stories you have been spreading in Lakewood about Mrs. Ort having been left “penniless” and “starving.”

You were reminded that in spite of the above, R. Yisroel Steinberg arranged a “chesed” loan of $3,000 to ” poor“ Mrs. Ort, from the G’mach of Khal Zichron Schneur, of which he was then president.

We acknowledged that perhaps one could be dan lkaf zchus that you erred, being unaware of the truth when you spread your stories and arranged a “loan” from mamon hatzibbur to your friend.

But if that is so, the least you could do now is to acknowledge your mistake to all the people whom you accidentally misled.

Here is the documentation of that loan – R. Steinberg’s deposition in which he acknowledges that “she said she needed three thousand dollars and… I wrote the check” (pg. 12, line 9-11)

R. Steinberg: We again attach Mrs. Or’s deposition in which she admits having already obtained $600,000 from R‘ Avrohom’s mother personal acct.

We also attach the court order (directly to the bank) that had already awarded Mrs. Ort $25,000 per month in “child support”.


Rabbi and Mrs. Steinberg: It is not too late to at least partially rectify your mistake. Acknowledge your mistake and call on Mrs. Ort to come to beis din. We will post it on EMESVSHALOM.COM.


Dear Mrs. Steinberg,

lt is understandable, and even laudable, that you have provided unstinting support to your friend, Mrs. Manya Ort, in this difficult time in her life. As her friend since kindergarten, you are no doubt deeply concerned with her well-being. Therefore, one must assume that the advice you have been giving her and the perceptions you have shared with her are, in your estimation, in the best interests of Mrs. Ort and her family.

Several years have now passed since this situation first came to a head. We urge you to take a step back at this point and look at where Mrs. Ort and her children now stand. Can you truthfully say that your guidance has resulted in peace, closure and the resolution of conflict? lf you look honestly at the situation, you will realize that telling a person what he or she wants to hear, supporting a person in faulty assumptions and poorly conceived strategies, can only result in long-term harm to the very person you are trying to help.

Because of the false “victim” image of Mrs. Ort that has been disseminated, we have been forced to publicize the truth of this situation, accompanied by ample documentation to prove that Mrs. Ort and the Ort children have by no means been left destitute. The false impressions that have been generated regarding R’ Avrohom are also being dispelled. By supporting a policy to portray the situation inaccurately, you have helped to her to damage her own credibility in the community among the many people who now know the truth.

By advising her to refuse to take these issues to Bais Din as R’ Avrohom has urged, you have left her open to widespread questioning of her honesty and adherence to Daas Torah. With a Bais Din chosen by the Roshei Yeshiva, shlit’a – a Bais Din which is to be fully empowered with the means of carrying out its ruling – what rationalization can Mrs. Ort put forth that is sufficient for her to refuse?

Our leading rabbonim shlit’a have issued a public psak that there is no heter here for using the secular courts. They include Rav Nissim Karelitz, Rav Moshe Stembuch, Rav Dovid Feinstein, Rav Moshe Heinemann, Rav Yaakov Hopfer, Rav Nota Greenblatt and Rav Tuvia Goldstein. lt is obvious to anyone who knows even some of these gedolim that their opinions cannot be bought or influenced. They are seeking a Torah-true, just solution to this situation, and it cannot speak well of Mrs. Ort or her family name when such a powerful psak is ignored.

The Gedolim in America have already made known their opinion on this matter. Enclosed is the unanimous psak of the Gedolei Hador of Eretz Yisroel. Mrs. Steinberg: Can anyone who considers themself a frum yid, disregard the Da’as Torah of the Gedolei Hador? These are the “Einei Ho‘eda”, whose decisions shape the future of klal yisroel. Their words are revered by all bnei torah worldwide. Can you really believe that in this one case they were “fooled” or (ch”v!) “influenced”? Is this the emunas chachomim that you would teach your own children?

Mrs. Steinberg, as Mrs. Ort’s friend and confidante, you have it in your hands to do her the greatest service possible. As a trusted, supportive friend, your perceptions have credibility. Your word wields influence. Please, please, for the sake of your friend and the future of her children, urge her to settle this matter the proper way in Bais Din and the dayanim will ensure that all her needs and her children’s needs will be properly and amply provided for. This is the right way to settle this matter, and the only way that can lead to true healing for this family.


True Friends of the Ort Family