Sale of house – Violating Ikul

The Baltimore Bes Din issued an ikul (injunction) forbidding transferring title on the Ort house. Yet Mrs. Ort deeded it to their son-in-law, Rabbi Eliezer Hirsch. Transfer price? One dollar!

Thus far, no one on the Ir HaTorah Lakewood has transgressed the ikul and attempted to purchase the house.

Update: were this so! Unfortunately the house has been sold to someone from outside Lakewood and has been razed to the ground.

The ikul

Translation: Mrs. Manya Ort from Lakewood was already summoned many times to come to Beis Din concerning the disagreement between her and her former husband HaRav Reb Avraham Ort. She has refused to come before our Beis Din or any other Beis Din and instead has gone to a secular court. This is against the halacha and was done without permission from any Beis Din. She is still persisting with her refusal. We have heard that there is reason to believe that she is trying to sell their previous house at the address 1015 Forest Ave., Lakewood NJ. Determining the ownership of this property is dependent on this controversy and its sale could cause an irreplaceable loss. Therefore, we are issuing an injunction from Bois Din to forbid her to sell this property and to make known to anyone involved with this sale, that it’s forbidden according to halacha to help with the sale of this property. It is also forbidden to buy from her or from her representative until the two parties come before a Beis Din that they choose and a ruling according to halacha is issued.
To this we have affixed our signature on 2 Menachem Av 5768,
Rav Moshe Heinemann
Rav Yakov Hopfer
Rav Mordechai Shuchatowitz

The deed